After Image

After Image (Zacharya Fones) - An auditory memory that persists after the stimulus that caused it is no longer operational.

After Image is an emotive musician hailing from the lands down under of Australasia. Creating Progressive and Psytrance with a lush musical variety, he was influenced at a young age with his parents eclectic collection of records, and his own natural desire to explore the realm of auditory manipulations. He pulls inspiration from an array of styles giving his music an orchestral, journey-like effect on the psyche. With his addiction for sound design sprouting in his late teens, Zacharaya is a dedicated musician always looking for ways to push his sound in different directions.

He has been released on CCR, with further releases on Wittika, and D-A-R-K Records slated for release later this year.As well as making festival appearances at Tree of Life (Turkey), Freaks in Love (Turkey),Cairns Winter Solstice, Re-ignition, Alien Nation, Illuminate, Royal Doof & many more. Delivering a melodic chunk of expressive frequencies and intuitive groove, After Image is a force of celestial sound craft.A true Sonic Sorcerer.


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