Duality Breaker

Duality Breaker

Pedro Fonseca aka dj Duality Breaker and live act, was born in Portugal in 1979. Born in a musicians and sound engineers family, since little he had contact with instruments and music of all genres.

In 1993 he starts to play some commercial music, from rock, punk rock, pop, at the school radio.

In 1995, Pedro starts to work in a disco as dj playing house, hard house and techno music.

Duality Breaker

In 1997 Duality Breaker goes to his first Boom festival and felt in love with goa music. In 1998, he repeats Boom experience and starts to get into mixing goa and psychedelic music. From that time up to 2004, he plays goa progressive and full on in Portugal in loads of party's and some little festivals and started to produce night fullon as well with is young brother dj Sylph.

In 2005, Duality Breaks moves in Spain and starts to collaborate with the local labels in Barcelona and labels from Madrid, starting to play darkpsy and night fullon.

In 2006 Pedro returns to Portugal to play at Boom, a dream come true. During the same year he created his record label, Biologic Minds along side is young brother and lots of national artists.

By 2009, living in the U.K, Pedro creates is second label, Dual Skulls net label, promoting djs and organizing party's was his goal, bringing to the crowd the finest lives, the best sound systems on the market.

Duality Breaker

As of 2013, Duality Breaker had to stop his work to become a full time dad and worker, taking away all his time to make music.

A return was obvious, in 2014, Duality Breakers comes back full power with his forest sets, progressive sets and psydub sets, so as a new live act under the name of Skullzor. He also started a new project in High Tech with a new alias.

Duality Breaker

Duality Breaker, as the name says, comes with all his experience to break the dualities in the music and people. We are all connected, everything is connected, we all are one, so there is no distinctions, there is no me or I. We just have to BE.

Compiled by Duality Breaker:

VA - Everything Is Connected (DARK5D004/DARKN3012) 2014

SoundCloud (Duality Breaker): https://soundcloud.com/duality-breaker
SoundCloud (Skullzor): https://soundcloud.com/skullzor

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