Filipe aka ZenMind is an alien making base in mother ship Portugal. It was the year of 1992 when he first met the underground world of spontanious Rave partyes brought to Portugal by a tribe from England named Total Resistance. The music was noisy, fast and furious, nothing like the awfull pop lá lá lá tecno that was playing in those days. The outdoors, the companionship from all the people that attended to these underground events created a mystic feeling that was totally different from anything anyone had ever experienced.

Not long after a different kind of music starts to play at outdoor parties suddenly there were no more strob lights and no ugly vans as a Dj booth, only a soft dark light and an explosion of neon colors everywere, Goa Trance! ZenMind fell in love with the strong spiritual feeling and amazing powerfull music, beautiful people dancing like there was no tomorrow, total freedom!

ZenMind played drums for rock and trash metal bands at the time having fun playing in lame bars and garage partyes. After selling the drums (neighbours were happy) he bought his first PC in 1995 and ventured in production with 2 other friends just for the fun. In 1998 he started Djing in private parties and a friend''s Bar growing the taste and the skills needed. In 2006 ZenMind joined D-A-R-K Records crew due to his furious yet spiritual style always looking for the Shamanistic set that will help you travel the galaxies of the Mind.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/zenminds
Website: https://soundcloud.com/zenmind

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