Boundless Dimension

Boundless Dimension

Boundless Dimension is the crazy bouncing Live Act of Shay Dan from Israel, also known as Group of Light, an intelligent and energetic Live Act.

As a kid he was deeply impressed by psychedelic music. His love for music motivated him to produce his own music. This was more than 14 years ago, around year 2000.

Music production is his profession and his passion. Shay is working with musicians and singers to bring his productions to Next Level. Boundless Dimension produces his own compositions and performs them on stage.

Boundless Dimension Boundless Dimension

Shay is influenced by Trip Hop, Psychedelic, Ambient, Rock and some more. Today, in 2014, music production is still his profession and his passion.

Shay also has another project, along with Golan Ivgi aka Slinkii Winkii, together they perform as Poison Art.


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