DARK003 - VA - Ra-Con-Teur (Digital) 2008

VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008

VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008

Catalogue nr.: DARK003
Media Format: FLAC/WAV/MP3
Release date: October 28, 2008
Distribution: DistElectronic Distribution.
Artwork by: JED-A-R-K.
Compiled by: Pritam Borkar and Yves Thomassin.
Mastered by: Vince Le Barde aka Electrypnose @ Intellinoise.


01-Jam on ZeD - Into The Woods (6:43)
02-Devic - Jungle Mangal (8:09)
03-Distorted Goblin - The Story Teller (7:56)
04-Electrypnose - Life Is A Sinus (9:18)
05-Noisy Pipes - Hopscotch (7:51)
06-iLmush - Dizziness of Hand (7:07)
07-Malice in Wonderland - The Things That Should Not Be (7:05)
08-Brain Panik - Mental Storm (7:37)
09-Troglodytes - Form n Content (9:47)
10-Crazy Ducks - Yaga Baba (7:08)

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D-A-R-K is proud to present its third compilation VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008 mastered by Electrypnose. Through this VA compilation, D-A-R-K crew based its idea on the Raconteur, an old form of verbal art essentially practiced in countries to entertain the crowd and gather people in a festive ambience. Ra-Con-Teur, storyteller, ought to make you go back in time even before the beginning of Civilization. You will hear a mixture of fairly new upcoming artists and well established projects as follows: Jam on ZeD, Devic, Distorted Goblin, Electrypnose, Noisy Pipes, iLmush, Malice in Wonderland, Brain Panik, Troglodytes and Crazy Ducks.

VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008, like the two previous releases on CD, is also a conceptual release. For this release, we intended to bring back Goa’s origins into today’s music style of psychedelic trance in its pure essence.

VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008, D-A-R-K Records - Tribute

Raconteur: [Ra-Con-Teur] in English, Raconteur means Storyteller. We name Raconteur, the ones that tells a story verbally without any other support than his knowledge, his imaginary and his improvisation talents. The art of telling stories differentiates itself from the written stories, read stories and from simple recitation.

The Raconteur, traditional or modern, deploys his talent in public places, meeting places. Exercising a proximity relation with his audience, the storyteller would animate family evenings and nights in rural areas, and subsequently, during afternoons and evenings for larger publics. As anything else, the art of Storytelling evolved and was introduced under the projectors, still keeping an intimate relation with a restrained public.

Storytelling is the ancient art of conveying events in words, images and sounds. Stories have probably been shared in every culture and in every land as a means of entertainment, education, preservation of culture and to instill knowledge and values/morals. Crucial elements of storytelling include plot and characters, as well as the narrative point of view. Stories are frequently used to teach, explain, and/or entertain. Less frequently, but occasionally with major consequences, they have been used to mislead. There can be much truth in a story of fiction, and much falsehood in a story that uses facts.

Traditionally, oral stories were passed from generation to generation, and survived solely by memory. With written media, this has become less important. Conversely, in modern times, the vast entertainment industry is built upon a foundation of sophisticated multimedia storytelling.

This is what you can expect with VA - Ra-Con-Teur (DARKCD003) 2008, a psychedelic story reminding about the origins of the electronic psychedelic culture starting from its foundation, Goa! Each track on this V.A. compilation has been carefully chosen to revive the Goa memories through modern flavors of psychedelic trance. The selected artists are, one after another, telling their own stories, showcasing their musical talent (knowledge), their creativity (imaginary), and their ability to fascinate the audience and perform (improvisation talents).

Set your feet on the dancefloor and let the Ra-Con-Teurs amaze you with their psychedelic stories, each unique in their style!

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