DARK5D004/DARKN3012 - VA - Everything Is Connected - 2014

VA - Everything Is Connected (DARK5D004/DARKN3012) 2014 - Front Cover

VA - Everything Is Connected (DARK5D004/DARKN3012) 2014 - Back Cover

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Everything Is Connected
Label: D A-R-K Records: 5D Series & Nod3 Series
Genre: Ambient, Darkpsy, HightTech, Psycore, Twilight
Date: July 14, 2014
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 198:24

D A-R-K Records is proud to present its 4th release in the 5D Series, 12th in the Nod3 Series, titled Everything Is Connected, compiled by Duality Breaker, mastered by Priapizzm and with the tremendous artwork of Eknuwyk.

A ‘grounded’ human being is someone who is connected to and receives direct benefit from the infinite free electron source generated directly from our planet. We’re grounded when we hold the same electrical potential as the Earth’s surface. Electrons are absorbed or discharged via the skin, mainly through our feet in contact with the ground. This is an ancient and profound yet hugely common sense principle of well-being that’s currently resurging amidst enthusiastic stories of its success. It’s well accepted that electrical systems of our homes or sophisticated electrical equipment must be grounded to function safely and effectively. But how much have we considered the human body as being fundamentally bio-electric in nature, also working more optimally with grounding, and suffering adverse effects from the lack of it? The universe is all about energy! Simply put, energy is universal information in motion within and around everything. It’s very fast moving so we perceive only a very small percentage of it through our five senses; usually, we can notice only its effects (think radio signals, ultrasound, or even love).

We are ONE.


Chapter 1
01-Naan - GroWings (6:13) 105 bpm
02-Module Virus - Blue Moon (4:41) 111 bpm
03-Late Night Apex - Wailing Kongo (5:00) 140 bpm
04-Eknuwyk - Kohnektion (7:04) 145 bpm
05-Thirdhalo - Saggy Old Colth Cat (6:22) 137 bpm
06-dj F@nix - Chaotic Travel (7:06) 148 bpm
07-Spirit Bomb - Alcohol Bitch (7:28) 148 bpm
08-Mad Magus - Kimera (7:52) 148 bpm
09-Alien Slave - Cosmic Connection (7:07) 145 bpm
10-D.O.D. - Brain Contortion (7:11) 148 bpm
11-Dark Cygnus - Parthenon (8:28) 152 bpm
12-Disintegrated Circuits - We mean Nazdar (6:56) 150 bpm
13-Goroth - Dicromato de Potasio (7:49) 150-bpm
14-Caveman - Arcadia (7:21) 155 bpm

Chapter 2
01-Kronocoz - Time Machine (6:31) 152 bpm
02-Akes - Grandmothers Horror Book (Dark Element RMX) (6:27) 150 bpm
03-Digital Drip (Ellis Thomas) - Miserable Schmuck (7:04) 150 bpm
04-Noisecolor - Zensual RMX (6:58) 156 bpm
05-Amras - Private Meeting (6:35) 165 bpm
06-Spore - Analog Alchemy (7:23) 165 bpm
07-Eknuwyk - Zionara (8:17) 168 bpm
08-Dioxid - Voices From The Hallway (5:41) 175 bpm
09-Ohmny - Haunted House (7:51) 175 bpm
10-Eniko - Manara (7:29) 175 bpm
11-Haemogoblin - Corpuscle Files (8:58) 177-188 bpm
12-Selective Mood - Brain Collapse (6:56) 185 bpm
13-Kujata - Strange Behaviiours (RastaCore RMX) (7:17) 190 bpm
14-Zoomorfos - Black Magic (8:02) 190 bpm

All tracks written and produced by: respective artists.
Compiled by: Duality Breaker, Spain.
Mastering by: Priapizzm @ Izzm Studio, Hiroshima, Japan.
Artwork Cover by: Eknuwyk, Venezuela.
Distributed by: ElectroD.me

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