DARKEP019 - Noized - Incubo Lisergico - 2007

EP - Noized - Incubo Lisergico (DARKEP019) 2007 - Front Cover

EP - Noized - Incubo Lisergico (DARKEP019) 2007 - Back Cover

Artist: Noized
Title: Incubo Lisergico
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: August 8, 2007
Format: FLAC (wav)
Length: 23:44

Noized is Agnepsility Demon sn#239884. He will be born in 2312 on a planet called "F%/"§hsrtS 5435134". In this case born may be the wrong term as he get produced by organic machines that will send him back in time and over ten billion light years through space to our beloved planet earth.

In 1982 he arrived and took Lutz Oettershagens just born body as a living vehicle. This way a extraterrestrial symbioses was created. Years later Lutz got the first sound progs and started to twist alienatic sounds. Soon he realized that he likes the dark and twisted stuff also caused by the parasit in his brain. So the dark factor of his mind got multiplied by ten, the only way to stay a good person and not to run around and kill every living creature on this planet is to let the dark energy flow into his music.


01-Noized - He Is A Monster... (7:54)
02-Noized - It''s An Evil Machine... (6:52)
03-Noized - Satanic Slayer... (7:34)
04-Noized - Semisocialistic Superconsciousness... (6:57)

All tracks written, procuced and mastered by Lutz Oettershagens a.k.a. Noized.

Cover Artwork by: Jeanette Edelbroich aka Nette.

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