DARKEP026 - Distorted Goblin - Forest Talk - 2007

EP - Distorted Goblin - Forest Talk (DARKEP026) 2007 - Front Cover

EP - Distorted Goblin - Forest Talk (DARKEP026) 2007 - Back Cover

Artist: Distorted Goblin
Title: Forest Talk
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Dark Fullon, Dark Psytrance, Forest Psy
Date: October 31, 2007
Format: FLAC (wav)
Length: 20:08

D-A-R-K Records is proud to present its twenty-sixth EP, by Distorted Goblin from Macedonia. Milan aka Distorted Goblin is a young talented acoustic and electronic musician, he has been playing piano since the age of 5. The Distorted Goblin now transport you into a Magical journey within a Magnetic Flux in the Forest Talk. We hope you enjoy this fine forest psy release with dark fullon and dark psytrance flavors brought to you by Distorted Goblin.


01-Distorted Goblin - Forest Talk...(6:31)


02-Distorted Goblin - Magical... (6:51)


03-Distorted Goblin - Magnetic Flux... (6:46)




All tracks written by Milan Manasievski aka Distorted Goblin.

Cover Artwork by: Delian Oxidelic.
Mastering by: Digitalist.

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