DARKEP054 - Dark Ozz - Once Upon A Time... - 2009

EP - Dark Ozz - Once Upon A Time... (DARKEP054) 2009 - Front Cover

EP - Dark Ozz - Once Upon A Time... (DARKEP054) 2009 - Back Cover

Artist: Dark Ozz
Title: Once Upon A Time...
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: April 21, 2009
Format: FLAC
Length: 28:21

D-A-R-K Records is proud to present their fifty-fourth EP, by the unique Dark Ozz from Greece. Dark Ozz is Giannis Farmakis, he started listening to electronic music in 1996 and to perform as a DJ in 2002, then jumped into production in 2006.

Dark Ozz creates deep and dark night sounds with strong bass lines, inspired from the nature, the high mountains and the big black forest!!!

Once Upon A Time... Dark Ozz!


01-Dark Ozz - Dasos... (6:22) - 150bpm
02-Dark Ozz - Tripping Trolls... (7:25) - 152bpm
03-Dark Ozz - Pleiades... (7:46) - 149bpm
04-Dark Ozz - Melting Melodies... (6:48) - 152bpm

1. Dark Ozz - Dasos

2. Dark Ozz - Tripping Trolls

3. Dark Ozz - Pleiades

4. Dark Ozz - Melting Melodies

All tracks written and produced by: Giannis Farmakis aka Dark Ozz.
Mastering By: Andreh Torres @ Rotten Dungeon's Studios, Brazil.
Cover Artwork by: flydragon.

I would like to thank my lovely wife, Maria, that helped me in every way she could for this EP and also many thanks to D-A-R-K Records for realizing my first release.

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