DARKEP058 - oXezy - TiLL Dawn - 2009

EP - oXezy - TiLL Dawn (DARKEP058) 2009 - Front Cover

EP - oXezy - TiLL Dawn (DARKEP058) 2009 - Back Cover

Artist: oXezy
Title: TiLL Dawn
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: July 10, 2009
Format: FLAC
Length: 34:51

D-A-R-K Records is proud to present their fifty-eightth EP, yet a new prospect, but experimented and talented producer from Moscow, Russian Federation, in the name of oXezy.

oXezy, also known as Sergey Spesivtsev, is a dark psychedelic trance producer which we would compare to eniChkin at his early stage, yet different but as psychedelic and original.

Let The One, Power Man, make you dance with Macerella and ShrakakoS TiLL Dawn!!! Have a nice psychedelic trip.


01-oXezy - The One... (9:20) - 150bpm
02-oXezy - Power Man... (6:06) - 150bpm
03-oXezy - Macerella... (6:28) - 150bpm
04-oXezy - ShrakakoS... (6:17) - 150bpm
05-oXezy - TiLL Dawn... (6:40) - 150bpm

1. oXezy - The One

2. oXezy - Power Man

3. oXezy - Macerella

4. oXezy - ShrakakoS

5. oXezy - TiLL Dawn

All tracks written, produced by: Sergey Spesivtsev aka oXezy.
Mastered by: Sergey Nazarenko aka eniChkin @ eniChkin Studio.
Cover Artwork by: Denis Popov (Disia).
Distributed by: DistElectronic.

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