DARKN3009 - Logical Elements - Translunary - 2013

Logical Elements - Translunary (DARKN3009) 2013 - Front Cover

Logical Elements - Translunary (DARKN3009) 2013 - Back Cover

Artist: Logical Elements
Title: Translunary
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Ambient, Ethno
Date: October 15, 2013
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 92:52

D A-R-K Records is proud to present it's first release of the new Nod3 Series, which ought to bring a new dimension to our former sister label, Node3 Records. Nod3 Series, now released under D-A-R-K Records, is the ambient, chillout and related styles, smooth side of the record label.

D A-R-K Records Nod3 Series proudly presents the full length album of Ioan Macovei, also known as Logical Elements, from Romania. Titled Translunary, it speaks for itself, Logical Elements brings you along a deep and intense ambient ethno trip throughout the wide translunary space.

Get ready for deportation, lunar boots and suits required!


01-Logical Elements - Unearthly Destination (Part I) (4:37) - 99 bpm
02-Logical Elements - Unearthly Destination (Part II) (9:34) 100 bpm
03-Logical Elements - Celestial Smile (New Version) (8:48) 110 bpm
04-Logical Elements - Goo-Nay (10:16) 85 bpm
05-Logical Elements - Peace and Love (8:53) 99 bpm
06-Logical Elements - Ikmada Karisi (Album Edit) (17:06) 128 bpm
07-Logical Elements - Luminous Form (11:32) 85 bpm
08-Logical Elements - Pneuma (10:00) 85 bpm
09-Logical Elements - Serenastrality (12:06) 150 bpm

All tracks written and produced by: Ioan Macovei, Romania.
Mastering by: Fobi @ Finish Studios, Macedonia.
Artwork Cover by: Anass SourSweet, Canada.
Distributed by: www.DistElectronic.biz

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