DARKN3013 - MiraCeti - Through the Galaxy - 2014

EP - MiraCeti - Through the Galaxy (HIDRA005) 2014 - Front Cover

EP - MiraCeti - Through the Galaxy (HIDRA005) 2014 - Back Cover

Artist: MiraCeti
Title: Through the Galaxy
Label: D A-R-K Records: Nod3 Series/Hidra Beats
Genre: Ambient
Date: July 31, 2014
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 30:28

D A-R-K Records:Nod3 Series is proud to present its 13th release in collaboration with Hidra Beats, by MiraCeti, a young talented atmospheric ambient producer from Poland, who transports us into a voyage Through the Galaxy.

Mira Ceti, also called Omicron Ceti, first variable star (apart from novae) to be discovered, lying in the southern constellation Cetus, and the prototype of a class known as long-period variables, or Mira stars. There is some evidence that ancient Babylonian astronomers noticed its variable character. In a systematic study in 1638, a Dutch astronomer, Phocylides Holwarda, found that the star disappeared and reappeared in a varying cycle of about 330 days. It thus acquired the name Mira (from Latin: "Miraculous"). Its brightness varies from cycle to cycle, but generally it is about magnitude 3 at maximum light and magnitude 9 at minimum. Mira is a binary; the red giant primary has a faint bluish white companion. In 2006 the ultraviolet satellite observatory Galaxy Evolution Explorer discovered that Mira had shed material into a cometary tail 13 light-years in length. Mira is about 350 light-years from Earth.

Have a nice voyage Through the Galaxy!


01-MiraCeti - CalmFire (9:04)
02-MiraCeti - Rising Sun (6:11)
03-MiraCeti - Hideout (7:26)
04-MiraCeti - Through the Galaxy (7:47)

All tracks written and produced by: Szymon Marcinkowski, Poland.
Mastering by: Martin Spring, We are ONE.
Artwork Cover by: MAMOMAN, Poland.
Distributed by: ElectroD.me

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