DARKN3014 - Jean & La Plastique - Tribes (Original Soundtrack - 432 Hz) 2016

EP - Jean & La Plastique - Tribes [Original Soundtrack - 432 Hz] (DARKN3014) 2016 - Front Cover

EP - Jean & La Plastique - Tribes [Original Soundtrack - 432 Hz] (DARKN3014) 2016 - Back Cover

Artist: Jean & La Plastique
Title: Tribes (Original Soundtrack - 432 Hz)
Label: D A-R-K Records: Nod3 Series
Genre: Ethnic, IDM, Techno, Psychedelic, Soundtrack
Date: May 3, 2016
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 47:59

D A-r-k Records, in collaboration with Ætherna BoA Beats ReChords, are proud to present the original soundtrack from the Tribes (Original Soundtrack - 432Hz) by Jean & La Plastique. Jean & La Plastique are a duo, producers and djs. Their punk soul drove them to a strongly personal way of interpreting electronic music, djing and life. They are based in Rimini (IT) and Amsterdam (NL). Tribes is a journey through the various Native Tribes all around beautiful Mother Earth, brought to you in 432 Hz for the harmonization of Human Kind with Earth, so all become Kind Humans in Uni-Verse.


01-Jean & La Plastique - Kecak (3:38)
02-Jean & La Plastique - Asaro (3:06)
03-Jean & La Plastique - Dogon (5:32)
04-Jean & La Plastique - Sepik (5:15)
05-Jean & La Plastique - Sanema (5:36)
06-Jean & La Plastique - Zò É (9:02)
07-Jean & La Plastique - Kayapo (6:11)
08-Jean & La Plastique - Bwiti (1:02)
09-Jean & La Plastique - Pigmeos (5:12)
10-Jean & La Plastique - Aboriginals (3:24)

All tracks written, produced and mastered by: Giorgia Gaia & Gianmaria Gamberini.
Artwork Cover by: Riccardo Segato.
Distributed by: DistElectronic & ElectroD Sound Distribution

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