At the end of year 2007 two evil minds which owners are known as Peotta Enrico & Pettena Loris gave birth to MONKEYSEXPLOSION. After participating to many parties and doing many performances they fell in love with underground-alternative music scene.

They decided to run big events purely to entertain people with similar taste in matter of fun and lifestyle. Their musical style is evolving constantly as the underground scene does, following the fast flow of rhythm and always in search of the perfect sound capable of cutting the edge to the cutting edge, during the years they have played and experimented many sort of music as Psy Full On, Dark Trance, Drum'n'Bass, Dub Step, Electro and they can ensure: the list is still open, waiting for new experiments.

In late 2012, MoNkeYSeXPloSioN joined D-A-R-K Records and started preparing their debut album that would be published on D-A-R-K Records as well.

Music, Nature, Travel and Fun are the four key words in this group which entertainment and success in music/artistic careers are the main goals.


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